So Others Can Eat


As a participant in the Trick or Treat Program, there are certain guidelines you want to follow:

For all participants:

  • When you drop off your Trick or Treat bag – this is a chance for you to ‘sell’ your organization and its mission.  You are an ambassador for your organization and this program.   Make them proud!
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Make sure you let them know when you will be collecting the bag.  If not on Halloween, make sure you agree on the time to pick it up – and pick it up at that time!!!
  • Keep track of the bag(s) for drop off to your organization.  That last step is most important.

For Children:

  • Always go with a parent or guardian to any house in your neighborhood
  • When you collect the bag, bring a parent or guardian with you
  • When you approach your neighbor – be confident, and smile!

And thank you for your participation, not only on behalf of your organization, but this program!!!



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